On the outskirts of the city

How was it

6/16/20242 min read

On the outskirts of the city, surrounded by golden fields of grain, my friend and I decided to take some photos. I was wearing a black dress, and the place seemed perfect for the shoot—peaceful, yet a bit unsettling. Every now and then, I could hear passing cars, which added a touch of tension to the situation.

My friend, who was acting as the photographer, was already quite tired after a long day of work. We started with photos of me in the dress. When we finished those shots, I decided to be bold and do some more daring pictures without clothes. Every sound from the road made my heart race, but I trusted my friend. He was a professional, and his experience made me feel safe. Fortunately, cars passed by infrequently, giving us a few moments of peace for the photos.

My friend took the pictures quickly, trying to capture the perfect moments in the magical light of the late afternoon. Despite his fatigue, his dedication and professionalism made me feel comfortable. When the session finally came to an end, I felt relieved.

To ease the tension, my friend offered to massage my bottom. His touch was warm and soothing, allowing me to relax. We laughed, talking about the day and all the funny moments from the shoot. We knew the photos would be exceptional.

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